Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Adult Circumcision Procedure For adult male circumcision we use the 'Freehand Technique'. This method starts with a local anaesthetic. Freehand excision of the skin is performed, after which some stitching is necessary.
Dorsal Slit Procedure For adult men and older boys where a Plastibell is too small, the Dorsal Slit procedure is used for male circumcisions. This method starts with a local anaesthetic. Forceps are then attached to the foreskin to guide the cut, after which some stitching is necessary.
Plastibell Procedure The Plastibell procedure, used for infants and young boys, starts with a local anaesthetic. The Plastibell is then placed between the glans and foreskin of the penis, to provide a guide for the foreskin to be tied with a suture thread. No stitching or dressing is necessary.

London Circumcision Clinic

Welcome to the London Circumcision Clinic

We are a London based circumcision clinic located in Leytonstone. Our qualified surgeons carry out circumcisions on all age groups of males, including cosmetic circumcisions for adult males.

We employ numerous methods to ensure the correct procedure is used and also that it is carried out in a safe and sterile enviroment. Our patient confidentiality is of the strictest practise and confidentiality is assured to the highest level.

Our "After-Care" service provides you that peace of mind, especially when young children are involved. Our surgeons are available through out the year and can do home visits at your request.

Contact us today for further information on 0207 043 9747


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